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A sampling of published and unpublished poems

for my friend

Someday when the heroes of today

have all been rendered to

song and all the garlands

have withered and are cast aside,

you will remember that the 

songs they sang were only words,

that all the garlands were 

just colored paper flowers.

you will remember then that

my love was real, that 

it was not words (because i

told you more in a touch) and 

it was never created to be beautiful

(because our conditions, our lives 

are so ugly).

you will remember then-if you

too are not a hero in a song-

that I listened when all camaraderie

was relegated to a handshake

and no more. I was there, 

I understand your desire for freedom…

you will remember then 

and when you do, you will know 

that I was real; that I did not pretend,

or intend to crush you when I leaned.

you will remember and when you do-

maybe I will still be there,

somewhere among the songs 

and garlands—a memory.

July, 1972 
©1975 Huey P. Newton and Ericka Huggins
City Lights Press

Red woman

mother of this country,

on whose bones (and those of your daughters/sons)

this country’s soil was fertilized,

did you see them bring my people here?

Did you cry?

did you see them bring others of all colors 

                                                    all poor

to this corrupt, confused, misused land?

mother earth, red beauty-do you see us


struggling-inside this country,

once yours,

now, America the beast?

do you see us all trying to go back to our home?

to the real life/natural? freedom?

do you see us all trying to love? 

are we on the 

                      right path?

do we see the right signs in the clouds,

                                            the air, 

                                            the animals,

the people…do you hear the winds of change?

after looking at
a picture of an indiansisterwoman

28 March, 1971 Niantic Prison
©1975 Huey P. Newton and Ericka Huggins
City Lights Press

unpublished haikus

clouds drift in deep blue

sleepy sun filters thru green

the city basks in stillness

© April 4, 2002/Ericka Huggins

lake covered in light

venerable sun warming,

old dragonfly waits

© August 31, 2003/Ericka Huggins

standing firm in love

students with diamond hearts sing

winter clouds part for sun

© August 15, 2004/Ericka Huggins

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